Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking as a proactive way for organisations to test their network vulnerabilities so that they can mitigate risk and ensure they have closed off any potential route hackers may take to attack them. This is an essential process that organisations need to undergo on a regular basis to uphold their legal obligation to protect the data they hold. As a data breach can be detrimental to a company’s reputation and customer trust, in most circumstances  a breach will lead to an impact on revenue. A proactive approach to data protection is key to business success. Ethical hackers use the same or similar methods as a malicious hacker with the knowledge and agreement of the organisation. A report is generated from the findings which outlines the vulnerabilities and recommendation on remedial action. 


Best in class ethical
hacking solution

Identifies any network security vulnerabilities allowing proactive risk mitigation.

Full anomaly detection

Ensures you have oversight of all anomalies that could expose your data.

In depth reporting

A detailed  list of all vulnerabilities with steps information to help you fix the issues.

Identification of where data is being
held and sent.

To ensure all is secure and avoid any future issues.

Detection of any employee is
stealing trade secrets or
misusing data

Protects your most valuable asset – data – proactively document tracing.

Monitoring incidences of
human error in data

Helps you plan training and increase awareness around data protocol preventing incidents.


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