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When you need to reply to and service an SRR or a DSAR with speed, accuracy and in compliance to your jurisdictions legislation you can call on our Emergency Response Privacy Crew. Our experienced team will liaise with your Privacy Office to ensure you manage your SRR or DSAR correctly and to the letter of the law. 

We use machine learning, NLP and modeling to provide you with a single source of truth. Our AI Data Integrity Engine provides you with a unified view of your data so you can easily respond to an SRR. Our privacy experts have worked on the system so only what needs to be returned will be.  Once the SRR has been completed we also help you Implement Right-to-be-Forgotten – delete and “forget” a person using masking, encryption or hard-delete directly from the dashboard

BeaconAI – automated SRR module saves you time and money responding to SRR’s in record time to meet your regulatory requirements. 

‘BeaconAI will dramatically reduce the effort in responding to DSAR/SRR which will allow your team to  focus on other more strategic tasks

CCPA comes into effect on 01 Jan, 2020  and many other states will follow thereafter. A common thread in the majority of federal and state drafts is the concept of subject rights requests. ‘SRRs cover a defined set of rights where individuals have the power to make requests regarding their data, and where organizations handling this data must address these requests in a defined time frame (45 days in the case of the CCPA)’ As more and more jurisdictions invoke this rule companies need an automated solution.



Our team will use automation to rapidly service your SRR within the legal timeframe required.

Saves Resources

The Beacon AI SRR automation saves up to 75% of time spent on the task freeing your team to focus on high value activities.


Our software will redact any sensitive data not suquiredin the particulars of the SRR ensuring that you are in compliance with the legislation.


Automating the data retrieval process mitigates the risk of human error or overlooking any required information.


Our software will comprehensively locate requested data, structured and unstructured, everywhere it is held in your organisation.


Our software returns information in a user friendly format saving you the time and hassle of extra admin.


Deep Tech

Our technology is progressive built on substantial scientific advances and high tech engineering innovation.

Enterprise Solution

We offer bespoke solutions and services to meet an organization’s unique real time requirements.


We hire the best people. Our technologists are some of the leading minds in their field.


We partner with our clients to help them achieve operational excellence across their entire organisation.

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