Launch of Ethical Hacking

BeaconAI’s have developed a new service in Digital Forensics and Ethical Hacking for document tracing and IP protection. The release of this service has coincided with the global shift to Remote Working brought on by the Covid19 outbreak. The Remote Working Environment specifically addresses the increased risks of remote working for companies that have sensitive information and IP to protect during Covid-19. Taking steps to secure and protect your Company Data and your IP has never been more important as Remote Working makes organisations more vulnerable to data theft.

BeaconAI is a Privacy AI company based in Cork who have developed AI technology Solutions for the global privacy industry. Company data is particularly vulnerable during the Covid-19 pandemic as organisations have had to adjust to managing a remote workforce at breakneck speed. Most organisations are catching up with implementing measures to protect their data assets in this new environment.

Niamh Parker

Niamh Parker is CEO of BeaconAI – A Cork Privacy AI Company that has launched an Ethical Hacking Service to aid Data Loss Prevention for Organisations with a Remote Workforce during Covid 19.

Brian McElligott, Intellectual Property Partner at Mason, Hayes & Curran says “It is now widely recognised that IP is vital to the success and scalability of businesses. A recent European Patents Office/European Intellectual Property Office report on “High-Growth Firms and IPR” demonstrated that business investment frequently stems from investment in innovation and intellectual assets, and their growth typically involves international development. Identifying and securing that IP are key steps in protecting and exploiting these highly valuable business assets.”

Now that employees are installed and productive from their own homes, the ramifications of remote working needs to be considered by managers. Security protocols and compliance guidelines took a back seat for the last few weeks and now many organisations are wide open to their data, IP and trade secrets being stolen as well as corporate espionage.

BeaconAI CEO Niamh Parker explains how the Ethical Hacking Service operates “Using our existing technology we scan the environment for vulnerabilities by penetration testing and to carry out data audit’s on confidential information. We can audit confidential databases and trade secret’s documents to determine if files have been shared, deleted or modified.”

Remote working can have a relaxed culture around network security which could be detrimental to your business. Open WIFI networks are vulnerable to hackers. Human error or deviance can lead to data breaches and incidents and it is very difficult to police the flow of data. BeaconAI’s technology will propel organisations to sure footing to mitigate any attempt of robbery of their intellectual property, data and trade secrets, corporate espionage and insider trading.

BeaconAI are giving away free Data Mapping and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) for the months of April and May 2020 as a Lockdown Gesture for organisations who need support with their privacy. Email to avail of the support.