We are delighted to have found such a product and better again to be supporting an Irish tech firm based in the regions!

My colleague Linda Tiernan speaks very highly of the team that have been supporting her with the implementation.

Niall Murray
Managing Director, Collins McNicholas

The managed service that we have received has exceeded all of our expectations and now we are truly confident that we can demonstrate to our clients, regulators and candidates that data is managed in the right way within AMS.

Alistair Hay
Data Protection Officer, Alexander Mann Solutions

The support and guidance that BeaconAI provided us during this process was incredible. The BeaconAI team are superb at what they do.

Angela Piper
Head of HR , Scrapinghub

The service we have received from Fiona Ryan (Head of Customer Engagement) and her team has been outstanding and they have really made life easier for Cork Chamber by uploading the work we had already completed into the system rather than having the organisation restart the compliance effort from scratch.

Naoimh Frawley
Operations Manager, Cork Chamber of Commerce

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