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BeaconAI is listed in the 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Subject Rights Request Automation


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About us

We take our name from a maritime Beacon in West Cork, Ireland, where our company originated. Mirroring the Beacon, we too provide guidance helping organisations navigate difficult regulatory landscapes and operational challenges.

By building a foundation of Privacy by Design we help drive efficiencies across the entire organisation. Privacy by Design is the consideration of privacy at the initial design stages and throughout the complete development process of new products, processes or services that involve processing personal data.

We see beyond IT and use data intelligence and AI to change the way technology can be harnessed as a solution. 

As the world embraces data privacy, BeaconAI is working with the next wave of breakout technologies to answer organisations’ need to prioritise data ethics as a core value and stay compliant with emerging legislation.

We are transforming privacy and data protection globally with our suite of solutions for even the most complex privacy office. 


Our Core Values

by Design

The future as we see it is built on Privacy by Design. We are creating that future right now through our innovative solutions and services.


Privacy by Design and AI Ethics underpin our technologies. Ethics are the cornerstone of everything that we build.


Results matter and we pride ourselves on the partnerships we build with our customers that mean we can deliver outstanding results for them time and time again.

Staff Loyalty

Our staff are important to us and we do all that we can to support and  nurture them in mind, body and ambition.


We don’t shy away from competition because we offer real unique solutions that are unparalleled. We love to partner and make a real difference by working together.


Our people see beyond the IT and use data intelligence to change the way technology can be harnessed as a solution.


We are entrepreneurial. We are compelled to follow our intuition and take risks, experiment and reach beyond boundaries.

Whiskey Sours

We work hard here at Beacon AI and have a passion for winning. We like to party when we have something to celebrate!

Our Partners

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